Advertise! Add a donation button to an ad unit

PRO badge.png Are you using your Pro paper to raise money for a cause?  Pro publishers have the ability to use their customizable ad space to add donation buttons to their papers!


To accept donations, put a Donate button on your paper, using the HTML code provided by PaypalFlattr, or Bitcoin.


Adding a Donation button

  • Locate the HTML code for the donation button from your preferred service. Examples: PaypalFlattr, or Bitcoin provide HTML to add Donate buttons to a website.

  • From your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Web newspaper > Layout & appearance, then Ad units

  • Turn the ad position to ON for "Headlines page, position 1".

  • Select Custom HTML code.

  • In the Custom HTML text box, enter your HTML code for the Donation button

  • Save your changes and you'll immediately see the results in your paper



Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 8.15.01 PM.png Haven't taken the Pro plunge yet?  What are you waiting for!  Go PRO!


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