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PRO badge.png There are a lot of registrars to choose from.   There are so many, in fact, that the number of choices and options can be overwhelming if you have never set up a custom domain before.  

Because is such a popular registrar used by so many of our publishers, we've created instructions to help you get started using  

These instructions are up-to-date as of the day we posted them.  However, as we don't have control over the godaddy service, we are not responsible if godaddy changes their interface.  Variations from these instructions are possible.


Create a custom domain for

1.  Go to and enter your chosen domain name and click GO to check if it's available.




2.  If your site is available, you will get the option to add it to your shopping cart.  Click ADD.


3.  You'll then be given options to buy:

  • privacy protection, 
  • website building and hosting
  • email
  • matching domains (domains similar to the one you've chosen)
  • search engine visibility

None of these are required in order to set up your paper.  If you only want to set up the custom domain for your paper, choose "domain only", 

4.  Click Continue to Checkout.

5.  Complete your purchase.


Configure your Domain Name in to work with

1.  Log into your Account Manager and click Domains

2.  Click  in the right column of thee domain name. 


4.  Under the Records section, click  in bottom right corner.

5. If you are setting up a domain in any of these formats:

  • (i.e. etc)
  • (i.e.

you will first set up an A record for the main domain name.  

==> The main domain is the part of the URL, without the "www".  <==

Under Record Type drop down box, choose A record and point the main domain name to our IP address  

6.  Once the A record is created, you can decide if you would like visitors to use www to visit your site as well.  In step 5, the A record pointed your main domain name (i.e. to your paper, but if you would also like to use www in the address, (i.e., add an additional CNAME record:   

Under Record Type drop down box, choose CNAME for the record type, www for the host and and point www to your main domain.  Then, click SAVE.


7.  If you would like your domain to have three levels such as, instead of an A Record, you will create a CNAME record for this type of subdomain.

Under Record Type drop down box, choose CNAME for the record type, enter the entire three level domain name as the host and and in the "points to" box, enter "".  Click SAVE

8.   You may have to wait up to 72 hours after registration with your DNS provider to allow the change to propagate. 


9.  From your Paper Settings Dashboard, choose Web Newspaper and then turn the Custom Domain toggle to ON.



10.  Enter your new domain (e.g. or subdomain (e.g. Do not include the http or www in front of your domain name.   

Example: If your domain name is www.myname.comsimply enter in the text field. 

11.  Click Screen_Shot_2014-02-19_at_11.53.21_PM.png.  If there's no error message, you have correctly pointed your new domain to

12.  If you have already activated an automatic promo-post or tweet with your old URL, you must re-set the default text in your tweet or post in order for your new custom URL to be included in the next auto promote.  To do so, go to your Paper Settings Dashboard, then Social Media Agent and turn the activations switch(es) OFF and then back ON to reset your default posts with the correct URL.  



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