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Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 8.15.01 PM.png   Curate a Content Draft of your paper!  Manually curate your paper according to your schedule.  Edit, curate, and add suggested content based on your sources -or- manually chose content using the bookmarklet to a draft edition offline.  Review and publish online when you're ready.


The Manual Publishing option allows a publisher complete control of when and how often new content is fetched and what content is placed on the final online edition of the paper.  




Activate Manual Publishing 

From your Paper Settings Dashboard, click on the Control Center button to access all publishing (and promoting) controls.


From the Control Center, click the Publishing section to edit, then turn the Publishing toggle to Manual.

Once you have turned the Publishing toggle to Manual, your paper will no longer update automatically according to a publishing schedule.  The last edition published online will remain online until you manually create and publish a new draft -or- when you turn the Publishing toggle to Auto and return to auto-created editions.


Your Draft paper

Create a new Draft

Once you've set your Publishing to Manual, you will be able to create your new draft by clicking the "Create a paper draft" button found in the Control Center, under the Publishing section.

Suggested content from your sources will be collected depending on the Update Frequency found in your Publishing Schedule (going back the past 7 days, the past 12 hours or the past 24 hours). Exception:  If you have recently published a paper then we will only go back and collect suggested content since that last edition.  

Open a saved Draft

You can open a saved draft by clicking on the main menu icon  Screen_Shot_2014-06-15_at_11.01.22_AM.png (top left).  If you have a previous draft saved, it will be listed under the section "My papers" in the format "Yourpapername - Draft".


You can also open a saved draft by clicking the "Open draft" button button found in the Control Center, under the Publishing section.  The "Open draft" button will only appear once a draft has been created.

Editing existing content on a Draft paper

Blacklist a news sharer or site, delete or move articles from one section to another on your draft paper. Editing your draft uses all the same easy-to-use functionality used in the Edit mode


Adding more suggested content based on your sources

Browse additional auto-generated content based on your sources by clicking on the "More suggested content" link (bottom right) of the green footer of your draft paper.



Suggested content from your sources will be collected from the last published edition date.  If the edition was published more than 7 days ago we take maximum 7 days of content. If the edition was published earlier than 24 hours ago, we take 24 hours of content.




Adding content to your draft using the bookmarklet

Use the bookmarklet to add collected content to your Content Draft offline and only publish when your ready.  If you have saved a draft, you will be able to add content to your draft version of the paper by selecting the paper name with -Draft appended to the end.  


Saving your Draft

Every editing change you make is saved automatically.  Close your draft and return to finish editing it later by clicking the "Close" button on the green footer of your draft paper.

A draft can be saved for up to 30 days, starting from the date it was created, before it expires.


Publishing your Draft

When your draft is ready to be published, click the blue "Publish" button on the green footer of your draft paper.  Once you've published your draft, it's online and published for your community to see. 

You can edit this new edition for up to 21 days after it has been published. After 21 days we will freeze your edition and you will no longer be able to edit it. When you create a new edition, the last edition will then show in archives. 


Promoting your Finished Paper

Your final draft is automatically promoted when your paper is published, unless you have turned ON Manual Promotion.

Enabling Manual Promotion lets you decide if and when you want to promote the latest published edition of your paper to your social channels and to your subscribers.  If you have Promotion switched to Manual, once you've published your draft, click "Send Notifications Now" in your Control Center (under Promotion section) to promote your paper.



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Last updated:Julia April 28, 2017 



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