Promote (Pro)! Promote to a page you manage on Linkedin or Facebook or to Facebook groups!

PRO badge.png  Pro papers can promote to any Facebook or LinkedIn page you manage!

For business owners, promoters of events, and for marketers alike, it can oftentimes make more sense to promote to your business or event page, rather than to your individual timeline.  

Pro publishers have the option to promote to their own timeline, a page they manage on LinkedIn or Facebook or both!





This option is found in your Paper Settings Dashboard under the Social Media Agent module 

  • From Paper Settings Dashboard >  Social Media Agent > click on the social media channel (Facebook or Linkedin) you wish to activate.  
  • Sign-in:  An overlay will open which will allow you to sign into your social media account, if you are not already. When you activate Facebook or Linkedin, you will signin with your individual account, even if you plan to promote only to your business page. 

  • Choose what to share: You may share the top article link (URL) of your paper or web newspaper link (URL).  By default, when you activate the channel, we automatically turn on "share web newspaper link" option --second option shown below-- but you may click to turn off.


  • Choose where to share: For each option that is ON under "what to share" above, be sure to click to go to next menu so that you may choose where to share.  For Facebook, you will be able to turn off/on sharing to your Facebook pages and groups.



  •  Choose where to share: For LinkedIn, you can choose to share to your personal timeline and/or to a page you manage on LinkedIn.




 Select image and text to include :




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