Promote! Redirect auto-promotion links to your embedded paper

PRO badge.png  Increase traffic and visibility for your blog or website!  If you have embedded your paper on an outside site, you can redirect the promotion link to your iframed paper or Nomad widget on your main website, instead of your URL.

Have you embedded your paper onto your blog or website using an iframe or Nomad widget?  Then you have the option to redirect all promotional traffic to the embedded paper by entering the URL of the site with the embed into your settings.

The URL you enter will be used to  re-direct all promotional traffic (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and email) to the embed on your main website or blog.   




Redirect all Auto-promotion

Step One: From your Paper Settings Dashboard > Web NewspaperWebsite Embeds > Click either the Nomad widget or iframe option to find the Auto-promote redirect field.  Enter the URL that points to the embedded paper on your website.  Eg.

After implementing Step One, the "read paper" button on your any future newsletter will bring your subscribers to the blog or website URL entered (so be sure to have embedded your paper on the URL entered).

Step Two (optional)!  If you also wish to send social media traffic to this new URL, you must go to your Paper Settings Dashboard, select the Social Media Agent module to reset (turn OFF and then back ON) the toggle switch(s) for Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn before the URL in your default auto-promote text will show the your site URL instead of the paper URL.   This step is optional-- read caveat below!




Caveat! Note that when promoting your own site hosting an embed of your paper, both Twitter and Facebook will pull the meta data (an image) from your own site, not from the paper.  So each day, when posting to Twitter or Facebook, the image would be the same and will not change daily-- and would be whatever image has been added by you to represent your own site in your site's meta data.  


Last updated:  February 5, 2018  Julia

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