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PRO badge.png Customize your Pro Paper sections by relabeling the headlines, photos, videos and topic sections of your paper.




Paper Sections and how they are used

Before you relabel your paper sections, it's important to understand how will classify your content into the paper section. will classify all content fetched from your sources into one of the Paper Sections shown in your settings:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • One of the 15 default Topic Sections. All articles are classified into the "best fit" default topic.

Relabeling a paper section does not change how we classify your content on the backend, but does let you customize the default labels.  

To select the Paper Sections that you wish to appear on your paper, from your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Content > Advanced SettingsPaper Sections > Select Paper Sections.   


Note:  If you are using the modern layout, paper sections are not shown on your online paper or newsletter; there is therefore no option to rename them!


Relabeling the Paper sections (for classic layout only)

Pro publishers can relabel all default Paper Sections (with the exception of Trending Hashtags).

From your Paper Settings Dashboard, click Content > Advanced SettingsPaper Sections > Rename Paper Sections.

You will be able to rename any paper section selected in the Select Paper Sections menu.  If the paper section was not selected in the Select Paper Sections menu, it will not show in the list to be customized.  


The new label will be shown on your paper, in your newsletters, and when using the bookmarklet.  


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