Google news feed is not working

Google news feeds do not work with our service, unfortunately.


Google News feeds present different output for the same feed URL, depending on the location of the client's IP address.  This is true, even if you set the region in the URL.

When you add a Google News feed to your sources and your paper is updated, our servers pull the content from that source.  Since our servers are located in France, the results seen from your Google News RSS feed will not be the same as seen by you when you view the feed in your feed reader (assuming you are viewing the results of the feed from a feed reader located out of France).  

For example, if a user were to create a Google News Feed in the United States, when that same feed URL is viewed outside of the United States, different results are shown.  

We investigated this issue back in October 2013 to learn whether we were able to "set" the region to ensure the output of a Google New Feed is the same no matter where the feed was being viewed, but we were not successful at circumventing google's location rules.


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