VAT number showing as 'not valid'



If you are a business in the European Union with a valid VAT Number and you have provided us with that info, then VAT will not be applied to your invoice.  


You are attempting to update your VAT number when upgrading or entering the info in our billing screen and are getting the message  "Please recheck your VAT number.  The number is not valid."

Troubleshooting steps

VAT number validation is provided through the European Commission’s VIES system. If you get an error message when inputting your VAT number, first double check that you have correctly entered your number.  

If you believe your VAT number is correct and VIES is showing that it is invalid, please  consult the European Commissions FAQ question #13 on how you may fix the official record of your VAT number. 

Note also that each member state has certain days/hours of downtime.  You can see the list of downtimes for each member state here.

Status of Member States systems are found here.


If these instructions aren't helping with your issue, sign into the help center and you will find a 'contact us" link at the end of this article.  


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