Account Settings: Add Social Channel Login to an Existing Account

No longer obliged to choose between logging in with either Facebook or Twitter to create an account and login, we now offer our publishers the option to activate any combination of three login options: Facebook, Twitter and/or an email login option!

If you're a publisher with an existing account, you can activate a Social Channel login (or Email login) from the Email & Social Channel Login tab of your Account Settings.


Activate Social Channel login

1.  Sign in to your account with the login credentials used in the past to access your account (whichever login option(s) has already been activated).


2. Once logged in, choose Main menu icon (top left):

Classic Design Main Menu icon

Modern Design Layout Main Menu icon


3.  Go to your Account Settings. 


4.  Choose the Email & Social Channel Login tab and scroll down to Social Channel Login.  Choose to connect to one or both social channels to login.  

You may also disconnect a social channel by clicking the disconnect button. Disconnecting a social channel will remove the icon from the editor section of your paper and you will no longer have the option to login using that social channel.



5.  A social channel may only be connected to one publisher account.  

Icons in your editor's box showing by default

Icons for the social media channels you have connected (Twitter and/or Facebook) will be shown by default on your paper in the editor box.  

However, if you have at least one Pro subscription, the default icons for your papers under a publisher account can be edited or hidden.


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