Bookmarklet: Can't Add Content Because My Paper is No Longer Editable.


When using the bookmarklet, you are getting an error message "The latest edition of your paper is no longer editable."



You must create a new edition of your paper before you can use the bookmarklet.



 If you are are using Manual Publishing, your published draft will remain editable for a maximum of 21 days after it was published.  

However, the time your paper is editable can be shortened if you turn off draft mode (even if for a moment) to switch back to automatic publishing. 

if you switch to non-draft, we compute the length of time the edition remains editable according to the update frequency time you had chosen in your settings when Auto Publishing was enabled. (Your publishing schedule may be found in your paper's Control center.)

After that period, your paper is still visible but no longer editable and is considered archived; the Edit icon is no longer visible and you will not be able to use the bookmarklet to add content.  




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