Bookmarklet: Not able to add it to Microsoft Edge



You have tried to drag our Publish it! Bookmarklet to your favorites bar in Microsoft Edge but you see red circle with line.



Microsoft Edge is the default browser for all Windows 10 devices.  As of September 2016, Microsoft does not yet allow any third party plugins. 

To quote from

Microsoft Edge Dev - FAQs ,

Does Microsoft Edge support plug-ins or extensions?

Microsoft Edge supports viewing PDFs and Adobe Flash as built-in features, but does not support any third-party installable plug-ins. This allows us to build a more secure and more reliable browser to make the Web a safer experience for everyone. We’re working on a new, modern extensibility model for Microsoft Edge in a future update.



We look forward to Microsoft opening up their browser to third party tools, such as our bookmarklet.  In the meantime, has created a workaround.



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