Twitter outage affecting service: May 19, 2017

Status as of 3:11 pm CET

Dear Community,

Beginning 1 hour ago, Twitter began experiencing a service issue in some locations.  

The impact on the service is as follows:

  • if you use a Twitter sign-on, you may not be able to sign into your account.
  • if you have Twitter sources, we may not be unable to pull content, resulting in missed content and less content than usual.
  • we are also unable to post auto-promotions to Twitter.


Status as of 4:04 pm CET

The service has resumed for many, but we’ll continue to keep an eye out.


Status as of 4:30 pm CET

The service seems to be back.


You can check the status of the outage by referring to this page.   

Thanks for your understanding.




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