Five tips to optimize your content

Optimizing your sources


Whether you are using the free or the Pro service, if you are interested in making the most of your content, take a look at these tips to bring in content using the full force and power of


Think source quality over source quantity 

Papers with more sources don't necessarily have better content.  Here are some tips on optimizing the sources you're using:

1.  Genius Source  With the new Genius Source, we've given you the power to leverage the millions of articles we collect each day and unearth the most relevant and trending content out there.   

2.  Your twitter list  Add your own private or public twitter list.  With a little research, you can curate a list of the thought leaders in your topic area.

A twitter list counts as one source, but it's a curated list of many twitter users.  If you have individual twitter users in your content source list, then gather them all up into one twitter list and add that list as a source.

Adding a twitter list is an instant boost in high-quality content and only counts as one source!

3.  Public Twitter list  Did you know you can add public twitter lists?

One of the easiest ways of finding high quality lists is to look at the Twitter accounts of the thought leaders in your topic area.  Besides being good sources of information themselves, these people may have curated public lists that you may follow and add to your paper.  

4.  Regularly prune your list of sources. Open up your list of sources and review them regularly.   If you have sources that are sharing little or no content, weed them out to make room for other sources!  

In addition, people's interests change over time.  You may also need to remove news sharers from your sources who are no longer sharing content relative to your interests.  For example, in 2017, we've seen a huge up-tick of political articles shared. If your paper is not political, check your sources to identify any twitter lists and twitter members and check their timelines to be sure that the content shared is still inline with the news you're looking for.  

5. Infographic on fine-tuning sources  To ensure you're aware of all the different kinds of sources available to you, be sure to take a look at our infographic on how to fine-tune your sources.  


What is a source exactly?

When a source is added to your content list in your Paper Settings Dashboard, will automatically pull in any articles, images or videos shared from that source.

In many cases, a "source" is a social media account such as a user from Twitter, a Facebook group or page, or a Youtube channel. A "source" might also be a group of users together, such as a twitter list.   In these examples, each time the users of the service share content on the social media channel, pulls the content automatically into your paper in a readable format!  

Other kinds of sources include an RSS feed which pulls in any new content posted on a particular website you follow or our own Genius Source which pulls in content based on keywords from the millions of articles we pull in daily.


What are the limits on sources for Pro and Basic papers?

 Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 8.15.01 PM.png Pro papers can have up to 25 sources

Basic papers can have up to 10 sources.


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  • Avatar
    APB Andijker Nieuws Net

    Only 10 sources... it won't make the paper interesting. People doesn't border just to view 10 or less features...

  • Avatar
    Julia Yaziji

    Hi! Thanks for your comment.... Just to clarify, we are not limiting the number of articles to ten, only the number of sources. I took a look at your sources and see that you have several twitter users as sources. Those twitter users can all be collapsed down to one source if you create a twitter list (whcih is composed of twitter users) and add that one twitter list to your paper as a source.

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