Global Settings: Your paper's Title, Subtitle

To edit your Paper's Title and Subtitle, from your Paper Settings Dashboard, choose Global settings.

From there, you may edit the title, subtitle, (and editor's note).



You may also edit the title by clicking directly in the field (for classic layout, you need to click the edit button first).  For more information about editing, see Edit Mode! Edit Title, Subtitle, Editor's Note, Publisher Profile...


Title found in promotion text or tweet

If a promotion channel toggle is already activated under the Social Media Agent tab in your settings, then you need to turn off and back on the main toggle in order for the new updated title to be captured.

Meta tags

For those interested in how the HTML source code meta tags are determined, your paper's title is used as the title meta tag and the subtitle is used as the description meta tag.  If you don't have a subtitle, we include an extract of your editor's note.



What next?  Create an Editor's note to introduce yourself to your readers or make a comment on your published edition.  Find out more

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  • Avatar
    Christopher J. Samuels

    The question is simple: how to change the title? Your system never gets to how to change the title. I'm not moving up to Pro until it is clear that I can change the title. Just tell me how... in English, please. Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Dorian Staten

    Hi Christopher,
    The instructions above explain how to change your paper's title. Where exactly are you getting stuck?

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