Share articles with a call-to-action overlay helps you source article content to share that includes a Call-to-Action button!  Use the Call-to-Action to add your personal or business brand "stamp" to your content and to drive traffic back to your paper (or to any outside site Screen shot 2010-12-22 at 09.38.05.pngPro)!  

All of our Publishers can now share the top article URL on Twitter with each new edition, along with a discreet call-to-action overlay on the article that both reminds readers who recommended the content and directs readers of the article back to their paper.

If you have an main website other than your paper and want to take your marketing to another level, upgrade to PRO and invite readers who click on the article to your main website URL. PRO publishers can also customize the messaging.

The call-to-action overlay is also applied when you share any individual article manually on your paper, using the share buttons under the article.  See an example.



Call-to-action overlay on free papers


Screen shot 2010-12-22 at 09.38.05.png In addition to the free promotion tools given to all users, Pro Publishers can:

  • turn on the automatic sharing of top headline articles on Facebook and/or Linkedin.  
  • customize the call-to-action overlay by including their avatar, creating their own message and pointing the call-to-action button to either their Pro paper or to any outside website.
  • turn off the call-to-action overlay, if they choose.

Customizing the call-to-action overlay (Screen shot 2010-12-22 at 09.38.05.pngPro)

From your Paper Settings Dashboard > Social Media Agent > click on "Call-to-Action on Shared articles" to enable the feature and customize the messaging.


Customized call-to-action overlay


Sharing the top headline article URL

To turn on automatic sharing of the headline article:

  • go to your Paper Settings Dashboard > Social Media Agent module.  
  • enable your preferred social media channel by turning on the toggle.
  • under "choose what to share" section, click on "share top article link" to enable sharing the headline article automatically for each new edition.



Note: uses a frame to create a CTA (call-to-action) overlay for the shared article.  If your shared article link does not include a CTA overlay and you have verified that the call-to-action overlay is enabled, it is due to the fact that site you're sharing does not support frames.


Last updated: October 19, 2016 Julia Yaziji

Wondering how else your Social Media Agent can help you?  We suggest reading Add Hashtags And @Author Mentions Automatically



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    Great Stuff.

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    Thanks a lot for your feedback! We appreciate it.

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    Not working, I don't see any call to action overlay, and I am a Pro account payor!

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    Julia Yaziji

    Hi, if the call to action overlay is not appearing on an article that you shared using the share icons under the article on your paper or by sharing automatically the top article on social media, it's possible that the site does not allow frames, which are used to create the overlay. Write us at if you would like us to check.

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