Add hashtags and @author mentions to your tweets automatically helps you create dynamic, changing tweets automatically, saving you valuable time. has always been a proponent of using mentions and hashtags on twitter posts to draw in an audience and increase your chances of engagement.  With a flip of one (or two) switch(es), your Social Media Agent module helps you create tweets that change dynamically.  


  • Sharing the top article link: If you've turned on auto-share of the top article, you can now:
    • Mention the author (Twitter): Turn on the toggle to automatically mention the @author.  If we can detect the author's twitter handle in the article information, we'll include it.  Note these caveats.
    • Include hashtags (Twitter): Turn on the toggle to automatically include a related hashtag(s) for the article post.  
  • Sharing the web newspaper link: If you've turned on auto-share of your paper URL, you can:
    • Include trending hashtags (Twitter):  Turn on the toggle to include the most common trending hashtags for your paper's edition in the tweet.  
    • Include mentions (Twitter): Turn on the toggle to mention the news sharers who have helped create your paper.  Note these caveats.


How to activate these improvements:  Promote! Activate (Or Deactivate) Auto Promo-Posts On Facebook, Twitter Or Linkedin


Wondering how else your Social Media Agent can help you?  We suggest reading Share The Top Article With A Call-To-Action Overlay






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