Customize! Choose from two layouts

Choose between two layouts for your paper

Choose between two ready-made design layouts. Once you upload an image and/or logo and choose a paper background, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make a beautiful and unique Web Newspaper to share.

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The modern layout


Try out both layouts on your paper and decide which one suites you best. 

Have a look at some nice examples of our classic and modern layouts.

The Kolb Report (classic)Space Exploration Daily (modern)

The Horizon (classic) – Walkabout news (modern)

Excel daily news (classic)


Choose a layout 

From your Paper Settings Dashboard, go to the Web Newspaper module >Layout & appearance > click either the modern or classic layout.  


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: If I switch to a different layout and don't like it, can I switch back?

A: Absolutely.  (See above on where to go in your settings to switch back.)  


Q:  Will you be phasing out the "classic" layout?

A: No way.  


Q: Are articles classified into topics using the new modern layout?

A:  With the new layout, articles are not shown on your paper under topic headings. However, articles are still filtered depending on what topics you've selected in your settings (just as they were before).  For more on this, see Edit your Topic Sections.


Q:  Where did the Edit button go in the modern layout?  Can I delete/move/blacklist in the same way as I did with the classic layout?

A:  There is no edit button with the modern layout because you are alreadyin edit mode.  Hover over the article, video or image and on the right, you'll find some controls that will allow you to drag/drop, delete or blacklist a contributor or website.


Edit icons on an article: mouseover to view

Edit icons on a video or image: mouse over to view



Q:  How does changing the layout affect my newsletters?   

A:  Just as there are no topic sections shown on your paper with the modern layout, there are likewise no topic sections shown on your newsletter.  


Q:  With the modern layout, do I have the option to white-label my paper (i.e. hide the menus, logos, footer)?

A:  Yes you do!   (And don't forget that if you do turn on your custom header, the next time you visit your paper, you'll need to click ESC on your keyboard in order to view your publisher settings.)


Q: I have installed some custom HTML in my header/footer and/or I have installed some custom CSS.  What happens if I switch layouts?

A:  HTML that was applied to your header and/or footer will be transferred over.

But any CSS that you applied in the old classic layout will not apply to the new layout (nor to the iframed version of your paper either).  The option to apply CSS to the new modern layout is something we're considering for a future version.


Q:  Are ads transferred over from one layout to another?

A:  You bet.  

*  There are four ad units available for the modern layout, not five.  The benefit however, is that all ads now support various sizes.  So you have more flexibility.  If you've installed an image or custom HTML in your ad space, this is also carried over to the new modern layout, but you may need to check the appearance since the format is different.

* Your Adsense ads are also transferred over.

To see ad placement on the modern layout, check out this example paper.  

To see ad placement on the classic layout, check out this example paper.  



Q:  Do I need to do anything special for my iframed version of the paper?

A:  It changes too.  No action needed.


Q:  Can a twitter widget be shown on either layout? 

A: Yes!

However, the default twitter widget is narrow.  To adjust your widget to the new modern layout, you can add an additional width parameter by adding width="100%".  The parameter is added in the first tag of the code within the <a> tag.  The resulting code will look something like: 

<a class="twitter-timeline" href="" data-widget-id="735835004882817025" width="100%">

By adding this parameter, your twitter widget will adjust automatically to the screen size a reader is using to read your paper.


Q: Can the Facebook Commenting widget be shown on the new layout?

No, the Facebook Commenting widget has been discontinued on the modern layout. News Page App (on a WIX site)

Using the News Page App on your WIX site?  The modern layout is not available for a News Page App.


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