Our Hints for new features continue to show each time you visit your paper


You are getting hints regarding new features from when you visit your paper.  You've closed them but they just keep appearing! 


If you close one of our hints when visiting your paper, the hint should not appear a second time because any time you close a "hint" (example shown below) from us, we install a small file (a cookie) on your browser.  The next time you visit your paper, if we detect the cookie already installed, we won't show the hint.



Situations where you may see the hint again include:

  • You use a new computer (will show since cookie is not yet installed)
  • You use a new browser (will show a second time since cookie is not yet installed)
  • You clear your cookies
  • You are using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.  MS Edge and IE both have a bug that does not store the URL of the paper correctly when creating the cookie.  The workaround for these two browsers is to edit the URL in the address bar, removing the # at the end of your URL and keep the / before closing the hint.  In other words, before clicking the x on the hint to close, ensure that you edit the format of URL in address bar to be  and not   

When the URL ends with / and not #/, the cookie file is correctly stored in your browser and the next time you visit your paper, we should be able to find the cookie and no longer show you the hint.   

Note:  if you have any issue with the workaround, let us know.






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