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Screen_Shot_2018-02-13_at_2.59.43_PM.png PRO papers include a search icon to provide visitors and publishers the means to find past articles in their archives based on keywords in the title or article extract !

It's a very useful utility for publishers and site visitors in order to surface past articles on specific topics.  



See it in action!  Then click on the search icon on a PRO paper to try it out.



Enter your search terms

Enter your keyword(s) in the search field. 

Multiple words may be entered.  Commas and quotes are ignored.


Adjust the search period

Move the slider to the left or right to adjust your search period.

  • For visitors using the search functionality, the max search period is 30 days.
  • For signed in publishers using the search functionality, the max search period is 365 days. *

** For now, search only goes back to Nov 23, 2017, the date we began indexing editions.  


View your results

The results will include articles matching any of the words entered in the title or in the first 200 words of the article.

You'll have the option to click on the edition where the article is found.


 Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 8.15.01 PM.png Learn more about what you can do with our knock-out Pro Plan.  Go PRO! 




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  • Avatar
    Metro Library

    Love this new feature. Not seeing search results yet. Anything we need to activate in settings, or ?

  • Avatar
    Julia Yaziji

    Hi! The magnifying glass is already showing on all PRO papers. You should already be able to see the search magnifying glass to the right of the edition date of your paper :)

  • Avatar
    Natani el Hopkins The viewer counter has stopped at 999. I need a remedy because it was one of the key reasons for the paper.

  • Avatar
    Natani el Hopkins

    What does "Pending approval" mean? I reported a problem with the paper; why does my request for assistance have to be approved?

  • Avatar
    Dorian Staten

    Hi Natani,

    Your counter appears to be working properly and currently reads 10,018.

    Please understand that commenting on support articles is not the best way to request support. We do not monitor comments like we do our support desk. If you run into trouble and require assistance, we strongly recommend submitting a support ticket.

    Edited by Dorian Staten
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