Verifying your site for Google search engine

PRO badge.png Verifying your site for Google search engine

For Pro papers on a custom domain, verifying your domain with Google Search Console helps you monitor and maintain your paper's presence in Google Search results.  You don't have to sign up for Search Console for your site to be included in Google's search results, but doing so can help you understand how Google views your site and optimize its performance in search results. 


Verify your custom domain paper on Google search engine

  • Visit the Google Search Console. You'll need to have a google account and you should sign in.
  • Type the URL of the paper exactly as it appears in the browser bar, including the final / mark.  
  • Click Add a property.
  • Click Alternative methods tab > HTML tag option (as shown in video)
  • Google will provide the full HTML meta tag (exampleOn below).  Don't enter this entire HTML tag into your paper settings.  Instead, copy the long string within the site verification meta tag (example of string in bold) and enter this long string provided by google into your paper settings (see next section to learn where in your paper settings)

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="*pEhfnrd9R2FvxVn__example___CfHVkFdVJuIseQA*" />

  • After you have created the meta tag in your paper setttings, return to the Google Console and Click the Red Verify button.  To stay verified, don't remove the meta tag, even after verification succeeds.


Capturing the content value from the HTML meta tag



Entering the content value in your paper settings 

  • Once you have copied the meta tag value described in above section (and shown in video), go to your Paper Settings Dashboard, choose Web Newspaper > Custom Meta tags.
  • Select the meta tag option "Google site verification tag"
  • Enter the long content value Google provides into the text field. Do not add entire HTML meta tag, only the string that appears after "content ="
  • Click ADD button.
  • The meta tag code for verifying your domain is automatically added to the <head> section of your paper.



Additional steps

If your site supports multiple protocols (http:// and https://), you must add each as a separate site. Similarly, if you support multiple domains (for example,, and you must add each one as a separate site. Additional steps:



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