Trailing hashtag in your URL


Your paper URL is but when you navigate to the page, a trailing hashtag or # is added to the end.  Why?  And how can you get rid of it?



Although you can share your URL without the trailing #, it's added automatically when the page is loaded.  

The # is used to allow visitors to navigate from one topic view to another.  

In the classic view, a paper view is a single page application. So when clicking on the Politics topic on a paper, for example, to navigate to that view or location, #/politics is added to the end of the URL which allows the correct tab to open on reload. 

The portion of the URL to the right of the # is known as the fragment identifier and specifies the correct location within your paper.

Simply put, the # is a way to navigate to topics within the paper view.

The # does not affect SEO. Search crawlers are able to follow urls with # fragment.


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