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    Julia Yaziji

    Hello all, now has a search function for PRO papers.  See

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  • SDZG Library

    We would love that as well! Especially if the search also extended to archived issues. A global search would be very helpful to identify a string of news stories on an issue or topic that we are covering in our weekly Zoo & Conservation News. 

    Kathy, San Diego Zoo Global Library

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  • CRAI Bib. C. Terra UB-CSIC

    It would be very useful! Of course the search should extend to older issues

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  • Frederic Cardoso

    yes for sur i don't see it from the interface, if you use Flipboard it is integrated in the dashboard, the interface of is nice but Flipboard too ...

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  • Guide List

    so it is 3 years and no follow up about SEARCH FIELD on website in paperly ?

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  • Frederic Cardoso

    no update ?

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  • Dorian Staten

    Hi all,

    We actually added an archives search quite a while back, and it's still included with legacy papers. However, we had to disable it for new papers due to technical reasons after our relaunch last February. Rest assured, we are working to bring it back to all papers very soon.

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