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Delayed post to Facebook and Twitter



  • Dorian Staten


    Since you have a Pro paper, you might consider switching your promotions to Manual (in the Control Center). With manual promotion turned on, your paper will notify you when it has published a new edition, and you can then edit it as you like before sending out your promotions. To send out your promotions, simply click the Send Notifications Now button (it will be visible once you turn on the feature). Clicking this button sends out all of your social promotions as well as your newsletter. For complete details, please see this support article.


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  • Living Islands

    Hi Dorian,


    I am aware of that, but as I mentioned above, I need a fall-back to publish as well, if I do NOT do anything by a certain time.

    Like an option saying "Delay for [      ] hours" after the "Share top article link" option.


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  • Dorian Staten

    I completely understand. Thanks for posting your request.

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  • Biohackers Lab

    I just up voted the delay for x hours option. So there is a chance to manually changed stories before going live on social media platforms, but will still publish after x delay if nothing has been changed if I don't have time to check that day.

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    Just voted up also - this enhancement would be a very helpful feature for me.

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