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  • Dorian Staten


    I see you currently have Manual Promotion turned on. If you'll leave that turned on, your paper will not automatically promote using our system's selected "Stories today from..." contributors. The easiest way to manually promote your paper using the names you choose, click the Twitter share button to the left of your paper. It will generate a tweet with your paper's link, including the edition ID, and you can then insert the contributor names you'd like to mention.


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  • Zein Marketing

    Hi Dorian

    After trying all ways of collating and promoting our paper we fixed on our current solution i.e. Auto Publish which we can then arrange the stories how we want them and then manual promotion with links to all our social media set up. It works really well with the exception of the Stories Today which we think could be better. If it's not possible for us to select them, then it should really take the second, third and fourth we have chosen as we think that is more logical whereas the current set up seems completely random.

    I'm sure there are work-arounds but that isn't really the point, from a customer experience perspective I find that things which seem random rather than logical a bit confusing, having used the service for a few years now it has become irritating to the point where I really felt it was a bug and reported it as such.

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  • Dorian Staten

    Please understand that we have a rule that eliminates any news spotter from being mentioned twice within a 48 hour period. Therefore, if your top news spotters have already been mentioned in other promo tweets within the past 48 hours, we will not mention them in your promo tweet. This is probably the cause of the randomness you mentioned.

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