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Bookmarklet: Be able to add content to next edition, not only current one



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    Julia Yaziji


    WIth the introduction of the draft mode, users can now use the bookmarklet to add content to their draft and the draft is published only when they wish.

    For more information about creating a Content Draft, see this link:

    Editorial Control: Curate A Content Draft Offline And Publish When You're Ready

    SInce this request has now been implemented, i will be moving the request to the Completed Feature Requests topic.



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  • Birgit Seitz

    Dear Chris Sampson,

    thank you for your comment here! We are currently working on platform improvements that will give editors more options like that. Stay tuned!

    Best regards,


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  • Genie Networks

    Agree here, this is a big frustration point.  The auto schedule updates and sends the paper without giving the editor a chance to edit before delivery ... making the Bookmarklet about pointless.  And I updated the paper this morning had everything set and had to manually share it to send out what 'I' wanted.  Then at the designated time all the updates were automatically made and sent and I can't stand what was sent out.  Wish I could just do the thing manually - no auto delivery at this point.

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  • FotoCliq

    This is a very important tool in publishing and editing. I hope team can expedite  in resolving this issue.

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  • First Night Design

    I utterly agree with all the above.  I used this tool last night and only later realised it was adding to the current edition and not storing itself for the next one.  Very frustrating.

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  • Georgina Cheesman, Editor

    Has this issue been resolved?

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  • Aviva Dierckx

    no it hasn't been resolved, i just created a newspaper 2 weeks ago, and am experienceing the same frustrtation you are all describing. so please, people at paper li, can you resolve this? or is this resolved in the Paper Li Pro version maybe?

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Hello all,

    Here's an update in response to your requests...

    When using the bookmarklet, you are still always making changes to the most current edition.  

    Pro users, however, have the ability to edit the latest, current auto-created version of their of their papers before they send out the newsletter or promo-tweet.  




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  • ~NNM

    Agreed, this changes all my intuitive assumptions about how such a tool SHOULD work. How can  read and save material for my next edition? I don't want to update what WAS sent, I want to plan for what will be. Crazy.

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Dear Community,

    Just wanted to add the following explanation:  We understand publishers oftentimes want to collect articles as they go, using our bookmarklet to add their curated articles to their paper for their next publication.  

    Currently, we don't offer a way to "save" articles for a future edition.  However, as the publisher of a PRO paper, once you have turned ON the Notifications Control, you control when to broadcast that edited edition of your paper via your newsletter or basic email notification.  

    Just after your paper auto-updates (either twice daily, daily or weekly), you can think of that paper as your "working edition".  The "working edition" is a result of your content sources, generated automatically according to the schedule you set.  However,  YOU add the finishing, human touch before broadcasting the result!  

    Any edits you complete before you click "Send notifications now" will be shown in the newsletter or notification email.  





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  • Cliff Fast/OST Photo

    I find this a problem. I am currently adding all content manually with the bookmarklet after publication. If I don't, it goes to the current addition. You would think once the paper is published... It has been published!

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