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Allow adding of multiple social media accounts (as sources)



  • La Life

    In the visual support in "how it works" we can clearly see twitter, facebook, G+, RSS feeds as possible sources on the left hand side. I only get a list of topics and when I go in "My accounts", plural mind you, I can see how to add another account than the one I used to log in. How does one use different sources?

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  • La Life

    Obviously above I meant "I can't see"...

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Hi La Life,

    In the Help Forums under Start Your Paper, there are articles on how to add content from G+, Facebook and Twitter.

    But in general, those options you refer (Twitter, Facebook, G+, RSS, etc) only appear after you have entered something into the search field and clicked enter!

    The "My accounts" tab that is seen in sources is for twitter only at the moment.  

    Best, Julia

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