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    Julia Yaziji

    Hello all, 


    This feature has now been deployed for all PRO papers.  The search icon is now found to the right of the date.


    See for more info!



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  • Thelma Benison

    I need this feature as there are several authors who like to see their articles as they appear in my newsletter...

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  • MovingForwardNetwork

    I agree, search capability would be HUGE.  My users want it badly..

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  • Realistic Hope

    I agree, the ability to search the archive would be of high value , I would pay for the feature. Additionally the ability to access the archives buy type or category. For example it would be great to see the inventory of all of the video's 

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  • Load Dispatcher

    This has got to be the first site on the internet that doesn't include a search feature to the site! It would help SEO and keep people on your page longer if they had a place to search for articles or posts. The bounce rate would probably improve dramatically if this simple feature was added.

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  • MovingForwardNetwork

    Hey Scribd folks, What would it take to convince you to incorporate search into your web site?

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  • Christopher Stevens

    I would also pay for a search capability that allowed me to search my archived newsletters for related topics.  A latent semantic indexing or a similar capability would be most appreciated.

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  • Janel

    The paper is flat with out a search box.  My paper would be a more valuable resource with a search box.

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    I get one or two emails per week from people who saw their article mentioned in a Facebook post from several days ago. My paper is daily, so when they come to my page, they don't see their story, and they don't know to look in the archives. I agree with this request.

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  • Polaris Management

    I would like to add support for a search capability of archived editions

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