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Create Subscribe Button for outside sites



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    Julia Yaziji

    Dear publishers:

    I am very happy to report that we have created a subscription widget that you can customize and install on your outside website or blog.

    This thread will be moved the "Feature Requests - Completed" area.

    For more information see our help article:

    Kind regards, Julia

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Hi Zein Marketing,

    So sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. Thanks for writing.  In fact, we don't have a ready made button to add to your website.  But it's a good idea for us to keep in mind for future development.


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  • Metro Library

    Hello Julia,

      We think that the subscribe button for email would be a great widget. If it could include options for RSS feed and maybe shares as well, that would be even better.


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  • Joseph Kim

    I agree that this is pretty critical. More importantly would be a wordpress subscription widget.

    Seems like this would be pretty fundamental and a big hole right now. I'm considering canceling pro just because of this.

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Hi Joseph,

    I hear you!  I've passed your comment along to the product development team.

    Best, Julia

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  • David Blide

    We use our website and newsletter for different purposes, so we attract different audiences.  Having a subscribe button is a very good idea.  I can create my own graphics but I'm not strong in html.  How do I find my subscribe url to hyperlink the image? I'd like to capture the emails for other marketing purposes also.

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  • Stella Cameron

    My clients would really like this, too. Julia, could you ask one more time?

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Hi Stella,

    I just checked in our the software tool that is used to manage our feature improvement projects, and I can only tell you that this idea has been marked "Next up for Review".

    Although I can't give you a timeframe for exactly when this will be done, I can say that we recently secured a fresh round of funding and that can only mean one thing: more great things,  faster! 


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  • CoverReveals

    I too would love the code to add a subscribe button from my blogger blog directly to my paper.

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  • IT Specialist

    Hi Julia,

    Any progress made on a subscribe button requests? We would love this feature as well, since we want to essentially replace our newsletter with our paper.


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  • Julia Yaziji

    Hello all,

    Sorry for the slow response.  As you may have noticed our product team has been busy with feature improvements, some of which:

    Upcoming is a much needed, new side menu that will make navigating the features of our service much easier, especially on mobile devices.

    All that to say, we haven't gotten to this feature request yet but it's still on our list.  I don't control the roadmap going forward but I've notified our Product Development team that there has been another request for this improvement and have pointed out the value it would bring to our publishers.   

    Thanks for your patience. 


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  • Matt Golden

    I put a ton of time into my daily email, but have few ways to promote it.  The upload list of emails for invite is disabled, and I can't send a link or create a home page widget that can take subscriptions directly.  When people go to the paperli paper, subscribing is not clear... at least not clear what you get by subscribing.

    Please re=enable the email invite feature...  though if I had the ability to have insert email and name, and subscribe button, then I could do my own email.

    But PLEASE add this functionality... this is a major issue for me and makes paperli a lot less valuable.  the primary way I use it as an email generator... I get far fewer views on the website.

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  • Gavel Masters

    Please ensure this request stays at the top of the list, it would be great to be able to:

    • Offer an incentive (free digital content) when people subscribe
    • Add subscribe links and forms to other websites

    Many Thanks

    Ian (Gavel Masters)

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  • Dennis Bours

    The ability to add the subscribe button to external sites, or the ability to personalize the subscribe field on the page to make it clearer would be great options!

    I personally would love the option to invite by email. When people push a button in an email to accept subscription they do not need to receive a verification email anymore, given they accepted from within their email. That would be a great option, because a good number of people will subscribe on the page and then miss the email received to confirm subscription. As such; there are much more people who push the 'subscribe' button than people who are actually subscribed...

    Yes, the option to send out invite emails would be great!!

    Best, Dennis


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  • UBIEurope

    would be great to implement the new subscribe button to my websites!

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  • Gavel Masters

    ETA on this one please - it is long overdue.....

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  • Feminine Collective

    I hope a subscribe button is coming soon!

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  • Anand Upadhyay

    Till the time this feature gets implemented, I thought I'll share with you guys a workaround I am using. Using the 'custom header' and some css, you should be able to implement a subscription bar on your paper. Check this out -

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