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  • Truth Reporter

    It is a helpful feature. In some cases, link come up to be pointing to something specific but Headline comes out very general. For example, addign the link in newspaper gives the headline as very general as "The Tribune Chandigarh edition". 


    Ability to edit the headline would be very helpful

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  • Maud Nerman

    Sometimes the bookmarklet pulls up a very vague headline, and no helpful text. Would be nice to be able to edit both.

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Thanks to all for writing and for your feedback.

    I understand your point. Unfortunately, we would not be able to edit the headlines since we are pulling in and presenting material authored by someone else. In addition, none of the content found on papers is actually stored on our servers, we simply link back to the original source.

    Best, Julia


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  • Donald Bertrand

    What about simply feature that permits choice which article to appear as headline, unless I'm simply missing how this is implemented.

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    I agree with this request and understand the need. Depending on your subject, much content has goofy titles. I do ghost town stuff, and I get tons of content from people who have no journalistic sensibility and they put non-sensical things in their titles that look terrible on the page. Perhaps could offer the option to HIDE the actual title, or some other option. As it is, people who don't know how to write a title don't get their content shared because it looks terrible on the paper. is willing to let us share the content without even naming the author (another potential great feature -- the ability to manually add the author's name, not just the sharer), so I don't understand the hesitance to edit a title so it's legible. I vote for this one too.

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  • Frederic Cardoso

    change the title ... no way to do that ? really ? and no reply from the support ? 

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  • Dorian Staten

    Hi all,

    You can currently edit the article title when posting the article via the bookmarklet or the Add link feature, and you will soon be able to edit the article title even after posting it to your paper. This is one of the many new exciting features we're currently working on behind the scenes (shhh... it's a secret!).

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