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Add ability to auto-promote to Google Plus



  • Julia Yaziji

    Hi LiPeck,

    Thanks for your idea. I've added this idea to our product/feature board for discussion.

    Best, Julia


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  • Hopedale CTO

    I would like to add my request to supporting G+ posts as well.  I follow several G+ communities and it would be a great feature to have in addition to the Twitter support.   I hope this can be something added soon!



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  • Julia Yaziji

    Hi Hopedale CTO,

    Just wanted to say thank you for your input.  We've been busy with other feature improvements.  But posting to G+ is something we'd like to do as well.  As you can imagine, we and our publishers have many many ideas of features to work on.  I don't control the roadmap on what gets worked on next, but your 'vote' has been noted!  ;)

    Kind regards, Julia



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  • Guillermo Quiroz

    I would also liek to contribute suggesting the same, I'd love to get auto feed to my google + account!


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  • Ian Murphy

    I would also like to post automatically, like currently on offer to twitter, LinkedIn & BookFace.

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  • Jim Wanderscheid

    Any update on when we can expect promotion to Google Plus?

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