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Control Custom Domain



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    Julia Yaziji

    hi Truth Reporter,

    I'm happy to report we recently implemented your suggestion.

    If a user had already turned on the custom domain setting in his paper settings and then his domain is misconfigured or expires, hosting failed, etc, if he goes to his paper URL, the URL will revert back to the non-custom domain and user has normal access to his paper settings. A signed in publisher also receives a red banner message letting him know to turn off the custom domain settings.

    Thanks for your suggestion!

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Truth Reporter,

    Thanks for your comment.  I see that Dorian has helped you with this issue already?  When the situation you described occurs, it's true that the only way to resolve it currently is to write us so we can temporarily disable the custom domain setting so that it can be corrected.  

    Thanks for your feedback.


    Kind regards,


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