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Ability to auto-promote headline article(s) on Twitter & LinkedIn

Ability to have the top # (e.g 5) headline articles published as individual tweets/linkedin posts. This would greatly increase the functionality and usefulness of the platform.

Extending upon the current ability to publish the top headline article via promotion to LinkedIn.

As a bare minimum you should at least be able to publish the top headline article via promotion to Twitter. This one feature draws most of my readers from LinkedIn and would increase the effectiveness of promotion via Twitter.

Chris Mawer

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Hello, I'm happy to report that we have implemented this change for auto-tweets on twitter (and on facebook and linkedin.) The URL shared is now linking back to the edition of that day and not to the most current edition. In addition, the tweet includes automatically the headline article and any image it finds in the headline article.

I believe this satisfies your request so I will move this thread to teh "Completed Features" forum. Let us know your feedback!

Thanks, Julia

Julia Yaziji

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I agree, this would be fantastic!  Even more so, if you could schedule when the individual tweets go out (i.e. the top five headlines are tweeted out, but one at 7am, one at 9am, one at 11am, one at 1pm, etc.).


Justin Fisher 1 vote

Any movement on this request? This is the only thing that stopping this from being a "complete package"!

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