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  • Julia Yaziji

    Hi Marilyn,

    We used to allow uploads of contacts.  But as of October 9, 2013, we took the difficult decision to discontinue this service due to abuse from some publishers who were uploading emails that they did not own and using our service to send out a large number of unverified emails with a high rate of "bounce back".

    This abuse, coupled with the growth of our user base, has led us to the conclusion that allowing publishers to send out invitations via our email service is no longer in the best interest of the greater community and therefore, regrettably, we are obliged to discontinue this feature. 

    Suggested promotion alternatives

    • Your email client or third party service.  Those publishers who wish to invite their own friends and contacts to subscribe will continue to be able to promote their paper by sending out their own personally crafted invitation emails with the paper URL to their contacts using their own email provider or third party email service.  
    • Auto-promote using Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn with customized posts and tweets (  Screen shot 2010-12-22 at 09.38.05.png New!) We are expanding our publishers' already existing ability to auto-promote their papers via Twitter.  You now have the  ability to  auto-promote papers via Facebook and Linkedin -and- will now be giving publishers the ability make more of an impact in the Twitter-sphere by  customizing promo-tweets to give them more of a personal touch.

    Will are committed to investigating ways of how we could help our publishers promote their papers and will be looking further into options on how we can help publishers send invite emails from their own email client.  



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  • Fabrice Cathala

    I've lost all my subscribers as part of the migration to MailChimp and would love to be able to revert to the standard newsletter...

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  • FohBoh Media

    I have 7,500 subscribers from my Aweber email client. I would like to import them to iPaper to automate the newsletter. How can I do that?

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