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Additional Filtering Idea


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  • Innovative Disruption

    Any paper that is focused on a domain has this problem. If you focus on politics, almost everything goes in that section, when you'd prefer it to sort into technology, business, entertainment, etc. If you focus on technology, almost everything gets put in technology, even when it should go under health or education or arts or business etc.

    This problem almost destroys the value of having sections, especially when too few articles get put in the correct section and the section gets auto-deleted from the paper. Once the section is missing, you can't even manually put articles in that section that should be there. All of which significantly diminishes the value of the paper as an organization + presentation tool for curation.

    A related problem has to do with trending hashtags and the inability of paperli to deal with semantics (and therefore select articles that don't belong in the paper at all, leading to creation of hashtag sections that don't belong which squeeze out more relevant tags that do. Easy fix: let me tell you which hashtags the paperli engine is allowed to choose from, or minimally see what the engine has selected and pick the most important ones to display.

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