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How can I get Paperli to stop pulling articles from just one source?


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  • Julia Yaziji



    This forum is primarily used for publishers to answer publishers and I see that you have not yet received a response.  

    I took a look at your paper and the main contributor is @CNNMoney.



    When you added your sources, you probably didn't pay much attention to the order in which you added them.  However, source priority matters!  Content that appears on papers is prioritized by content source using the following logic:


    First Priority Source


    We will always attempt to fill the Featured Article of the Day and the Headline Articles with content fetched from your first priority source.


    In addition, we will attempt to fill any open 'position' with articles fetched from the first priority source, discarding any articles that don't match the  filters you entered or the  Paper Sections you have chosen to include.  


    Remaining content sources


    If there is not enough content from the first content source to populate open article positions, we will move to your second position source for stories. And so on, until all of your articles have been placed.  


    **Re-prioritizing your sources**


    If there's a source towards the top of your list that is dominating your paper because of the large amount of content shared, (and this is definitely the case with @cnnmoney) try moving the source down your prioritized list of sources and moving more "niche" sources with less content to the top. Getting just the right mix and variety of content may take some experimenting.  


    For the complete explanation see:


    Fine tune your sources! Source priority matters


    Best, Julia

    PS For the future, you can also  Submit a request to support and we can provide you with faster support.


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