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How can I custom brand my paper?


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  • Julia Yaziji


    Sorry you haven't received a quicker response.

    This is a forum for publishers and readers to connect with one another, answer questions, ask advice and start discussions with other community members. 

    The forum isn't officially moderated by, however we will stop by every now and then to say hi, lend a hand if questions go unanswered.


    In answer to your questions, Pro publishers can add a custom header or footer to their paper by first setting up a custom domain.  Once you have a custom domain, you can then hide the branding and add your own...


    ** Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 8.15.01 PM.png   Remove branding and further customize the look and feel of your paper **


    ** Optional header & footer*:** "White label" your paper by hiding the default header and footer with a click of the mouse.


    ** CSS styling*:** from header to footer, style your paper using our pre-written code snippets.


    ** White-labeled widgets:**  Remove branding from our Nomad and Headlines widgets.

    *Note: To remove the default header and footer, add Google Adsense ads, modify CSS and/or add a favicon, you will need to configure a  custom domain first.


    Extend your branding


    ** Favicon*:** provide instantaneous visual identification of your paper, improving your readers' recall and recognition.


    ** Top banner:** include your paper's logo or branding image at the top of your paper, email newsletters,  and the paper's  Subscription Confirmation Emails.


    ** Custom domain URL**:  configure a custom domain URL for your paper.


    For more about Pro, see:  

    What's available to Pro users?


    Best, Julia


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