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How can I turn off automatic publishing?


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    Julia Yaziji

    hi Creative India,

    So sorry you have not gotten a quicker response.  This is a forum for publishers and readers to connect with one another, answer questions, ask advice and start discussions with other community members. 

    The forum isn't officially moderated by, however we will stop by every now and then to lend a hand if questions go unanswered.

    If you need urgent help, it's best to submit a request using the Submit a Request link found in the menu (when signed in) or use the email for support in the footer of your invoices.

    To turn off automatic publishing, turn on your Draft Mode toggle.

    Here's more info:

    Editorial Control: Curate a Content Draft offline and publish when you're ready

    If you need more help, please  Submit a ticket to support. 

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