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  • Birgit Seitz

    Wow, Dixon, again, thank you a lot for your support here! Much appreciated!

    Unfortunately we still do not have a timeline for this feature I could tell you, Customer Feedback, I am sorry!

    Best regards,


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  • Coa Design

    Hi Dixon, we've been using your excellent to RSS converter for one of our sites and since the May 18th upgrade the converter has not been working. Do you have any plans of updating it? Thanks for your time.

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  • Dixon Jones

    If I have enough requests, I will get it done. Can anyone that want it email djones (at) Receptional (dot) com and I will see if it is still possible. Should be, though. I'll have to try to monetize it with an advert in the feed... But - didn't you think of that? :)

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  • Customer Feedback

    Yeah I'm really thinking should have a go at this themselves. This has potentially quite a big impact for people. Coding it wont be hugely difficult given that its mostly already by anyway and it just needs a wee bit more to finish it off nicely for RSS  and be available for everyone.

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  • Jennifer Petersen

    For Dixon, please. I tried the RSS feed using both your converter and Feedburner. For some reason, the feed is not picked up by different media. I sent a direct email to you but perhaps it went astray. The link converts and goes to a standard RSS feed page but there are no contents.

    I really love the idea of the RSS feed so any help is appreciated.


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  • Birgit Seitz

    Dear all,

    thank you all for your continued interest in having an RSS feed for your Paper.lis. We are honestly sorry that due to our platform enhancements the solution that Dixon has created is not longer working. Currently we have not planned to deploy an own solution - also for copyright reasons.

    Thank you for your understanding. We appreciate if you continue voting on this feature.

    Dixon, again THANK YOU for your support!

    Best regards,


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  • Mentor+

    I followed the instructions on creating the HTML for my RSS feed daily. See HTML below.  How do I go about creating the RSS url for this. I am trying to add it to my site. Am I doing something wrong here?

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <rss version="2.0"
    <title>My feed</title>
    <link></link> </channel></rss>

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  • Dr Geronimi

    NIXON, very big job Thanks so much

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  • The Tech Terminal

    Dixon, how DID you get a URL like

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  • Birgit Seitz

    Hi The Tech Terminal,

    thank you for your request. In the beginning of our service we offered a URL just with the editor´s name. We needed to suspend that while we prepare a new naming convention that will allow users to be able to customize their URLs. It is on our list.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Best regards,


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  • Global Futurist

    Thanks Birgit,


    I suggested Tinyurl alike customization

    so I can use


    If RSS is "not planned"  (from the top of this thread)

    what about replacing subscriptions by publisher to RSS or on-the-fly generated html code, web page

    listing content of the published papers (emailed daily)


    there is problem with your mailer and "" email address is not properly configured


    and Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    Technical details of permanent failure:


    It looks like there is a bug entry in domain name redirection from "" to ""

    so email is not redirected.


    I am still interested to work for you but there is no way to contact you via email (  started to work)


    I can provide you with a longer list of bugs spotted or already resolved.

    One of the great bugs is so called Twitter "unfollow bug"

    So Twitter user can either follow and unfollow you at the same time due to

    a bug in database update query string by Twitter.


    Contacted Twitter, not sure Twitter support is free to process my "unfollow bug" resolved - entry promptly.

    I wish you all the best and propserity in private and business life.

    Really great interactive media service by


    best regards,



    you are free to email me:

    since your mailer is down


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  • TMI Music

    it's a no-brainer

    from twitter>


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  • Don Manolo



    I create this paper: - in the near future I will make it pro. Meanwhile, tell me how to change this URL to thia one: or





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  • Birgit Seitz

    Hi Vítor,

    thank you for your request. Unfortunately we cannot change the URL.

    Papers created through a FB account always have a URL with "f" and a number. Only papers created through a Twitter account will show the Twitter user name and a number at the end. So you would need to start a new account with your Twitter account (named Tertulia or TertuliaDiaria). But please note: The URL will always include a number at the end.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Best regards,


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  • Christopher Haase

    I used "" for my Twitter to RSS feed.

    1. Just put in your twitter handle or hash tags:



    1. Then select "RSS" on right widget column under share, etc..


    Or you can just use above examples and replace "ehsdirector" with your handle.


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  • MDigP

    I'd love RSS feed too. I know there is FB, Twitter and so forth which one can share - but that doesn't add a feed to my total paper content. RSS feed is essential to display the content in blogs or websites.

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  • Dave Levy

    I agree, a forwarding rss feature would increase your publishers.

    I suppose that inserting the ads that pay for 'free' wouldn't be hard, but easy to disintermediate.


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  • Int.Dev.Communities


    Hi guys I noticed the rss feed from the papers go straight to external source of the feed instead of going to the papers we created. Is there a way to ensure that the feed will rather go the papers instead of external sources? By sending your visitors to external sources one will be increasing traffic for others instead of to their own papers.

    Please look into it.

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Hello all, 

    Good news!  In case you missed the announcement via our  blog and on  Twitter, we've added  an  RSS feed option for all Pro papers. You can keep the feed private, or activate it for you readers via the Add-ons tab in your dashboard. The standard RSS icon will appear at the top of your paper next to the archives.

    Happy publishing!


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  • Julia Yaziji

    Hi Int Dev, 

    Thanks for writing!  I wanted to comment on your question about the  feed from the papers going straight to the source of the feed instead of going to the papers...

    The idea of being a 'content curator' means that we always link the article back to the source.  In that sense, your paper RSS feed is no different from your paper.  It's just another format for your curated articles.  

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  • Dixon (Receptional)

    Julia - that's awesome that it is live. Now (hopefully) I can see my own paper in my own RSS feed reader. I might actually start reading my Daily "me" again.

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  • GireeshSharma

    how can we add a post without any cost on if u have any idea then plz share..

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Hi GireeshSharma,

    Can you reword what you mean by adding a post without any cost on  Maybe I can help?

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  • Dave Levy

    I missed his announcement, shame it's for pro- users only. Can't you add "whole paper" feeds to the free offering.

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