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Add your own editorial - or allow a direct link from your editorial



  • Kelly Hungerford

    Hi Paul,

    Currently we have an Editor's note that you can display and we are working to add some editing / text / font control to that as well so it will be more appealing to publishers. We have added the Publisher's profile page where you can upload your image and add a text about yourself. You could hyperlink the publishers page to your Editor's note if you want to bring your profile to the forefront. You can also add Twitter links, etc. Check out our post " how to add a textile modifiers and HTML to an Editor's note in the Help Center. There you can copy and paste the HTML into your Editor's note and get some links going.

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  • Randy Fuhs

    Would be great if it was possible to add multiple text editor boxes within the paper. Would love to use for a sales team newsletter for my business to pass on great headlines/articles to sales reps as well as personal business notes or reminders I want to get out to the team. This would make it an amazing small business tool!

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  • AlienAi's Creations

    That would be great if we could! I'd love it!!!

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  • Suad Alhalwachi

    I want my blog to be pubished in my paper, how do I do that?

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  • Tanya T. Sasser

    I'd like to use in my classroom as an individual student project.  Students could create their own weekly papers.  But I'd like for them to be able to add an editorial to each edition before it's published, so that they can actively contribute to the ideas and info in their paper (rather than just having a static editor's note).  Is this possible right now or is it something that will be available by fall?

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  • Evgenia Lunina

    Hi I'm quite new here, what I've found is that if on a content selection page I choose a me and the people I follow option and then add the keyword relevant to my paper - then I twit a blog I like or a comment I like it will come up in the paper. So I suppose that will work for somebody who wants to publish their own blog too...

    I have a problem though: when I try to add an editor note I only get an option to download some file which I can't open with any programme I know. Can somebody pls tell me what I am doing wrong?



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  • Kelly Hungerford

    HI Guys! Sorry that I missed out on this conversation! Let's see...

    Randy, so you are looking for a notes possibility at any and all places on a paper?

    Suad, there are a few different ways; tweet with a #tag and then add that #tag as a stream, add yourself to a list, and add that list as a stream, or if you are using "me and the people I follow" they should be showing up.

    Tanya, we have multiple papers being used in the classroom. The papers are usually set as a weekly paper and the teachers use the Editor's note to communicate the #tag the kids should use weekly. You can activate your Editor's note when you are logged in to your account.  Add a custom background to your paper as well. It adds that special touch! 

    Evgenia, that is not the intended functionality! It would be great if you would open a ticket so we can look into that!

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Publishers, If I am not mistaken, this request has been taken care of by the Editor's note field.  

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