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Allow articles to be moved from one section to the other



  • Evgenia Lunina

    Is there also an option to choose/rename sections? I don't have anything relevant for "education" and "entertainment" but I have "jobs", for example?.

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  • Kelly Hungerford

    Evgengia, Pankaj

    Currently there is not an option to rename sections. However, we are working on some nice features for the future. Repositioning will be one of them. Stay with us until then. We are just at the beginning of this exciting adventure!

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  • Alex Lloyd

    Repositioning would be a great feature, as would the ability to either add new sections and move articles to them, or remove any redundant sections (for example if the articles in these sections are deleted). Thanks!

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  • Jorge Pinto Books

    It will add so much if the possibility to organise sections. In the mean time I suggest to include a section on Books and another on Films. I know entertainment could cover both, these are important topics that deserve to be independent.

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  • andimac

    Rename the sections or move the articles from one section to another it is very important. This is the way to be able to thrive a personal paper.

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Good news!  Just wanted to inform you that today we completely revamped your ability to edit your paper, giving you the ability to reassign an article to another topic section of your paper.  

    Take a  look for more information!


    Kind regards, 



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