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Ability to rename topics or create new ones



  • Matt O'Neill

    Definitely a crucial addition to the tool. As these newsletters will largely be specialist having custom categories/sections is key.


    For example and health and fitness newsletter doesn't need 'Stories' or 'Business' or many of the other ones. However, it might want:

    • Recipes
    • Work outs
    • Diet & Exercise News


    Really important.

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  • Scofield

    This is a great tool, and you guys are going to get it right, you're just not there yet.

    The ability to change topics is crucial. My market is landscape architects, and practically none of the pre-ordained topics catch their interest. When they DO go to them, they see content that doesn't mean anything to them.

    Once you get this straight, we'll really be looking at having a valuable content tool.

    When developing this kind of product, develop for your customers, not for your own ease of use.



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  • Business Insurance Broker

    User originally requested this on July 22 2014


    Loving the idea/service but I don't seem to be able to tailor the news delivery to suit our business? In essence I'm keen to change the tab headings so that I can deliver information on other subjects? In our case we are looking to have headings such as Business (which you have) and Business Insurance (which isn't available?), and tabs such as Politics tend to be US centric? Whereas UK centric is more appropriate for us...?


    Hope this makes sense?! :)




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  • Emma Lewis

    I cannot control the content at all. What is in my paper now in no way reflects my interests or even the things I follow on Twitter. It's a disaster. I have tried to fix it over and over but I am going to give up if it goes on like this. Why is it so hard?

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  • Julia Yaziji

    @ Emma Lewis

    Please  Submit a request to support so we can give you customized help in finding content for your paper.



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  • India Soft Power

    Is there a way to tweak the pre-decided categories? for example change 'Business' to something more relevant to my page and slot content accordingly. 

    Also, if a feature can be created where a viewer-- after clicking on a particular link is taken to an inside page which has original content (added by the curator) in addition to the link of the story, instead of being taken directly to that particular linked website. 

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Dear Publishers:

    Just wanted to let you know that we are now giving Pro publishers the ability to customize or rename their default topics.  Find out more  here!

    Kind regards, 


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