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Add instragram and pinterest images as content sources



  • Secret Seed Society

    Yes please this would be great

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  • Birgit Seitz


    thank you for your request and please excuse the delay of my response. 

    We have added it to our to-do-list. But there is no concrete timeline yet for it I could tell you, I am sorry.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience,


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  • Boyinks4Adventure

    I was looking for better Instagram support as well. I've tried adding RSS feeds via but they don't seem to be picked up as content sources.  Currently the only way is to post a photo on instagram, hastag it, tweet it, then do a twitter hashtag search as a content source. It works - but I don't always want to put photos on my Twitter timeline just to get them into the paper. It be great if I could just plug in as a content source and skip Twitter.

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Hello Community,

    Good news!  We have optimised and improved how we fetch content from a number of services!  The improvements are currently being tested and we expect to deploy in the next few weeks.  You can expect to see improvement to how we fetch content from the following services: 

    Happy Publishing!





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  • The Worm that Turned

    can we have a date please?  I might upgrade when you add pinterest to the content sources

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  • Jacek Witkowski


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  • Load Dispatcher

    An easy way to add Pinterest photos is to search via an RSS feed. They have made it possible by using the following link: Replace the phrase YOURTAGHERE in the url line and pictures of what you are looking for will appear. I've used this on a few of my newsletters with pretty good success.

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  • Julia Yaziji


    Very nice suggestion.  Thanks!

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Dear Publisher:

    I am moving this request to the Completed forum since users can add images from both pinterest and instagram:


    Select your sources!  Follow a user on Pinterest

    Select your sources!  Add content from Instagram

    Best, Julia

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