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Chosen headlines only in outgoing emails



  • The CHS

    Actually . . .   :-)

    Just the headlines PLUS the Editorial comment - THAT would be the best idea!

    Steve Bell - CHS.

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  • Birgit Seitz

    Hi Steve,

    thank you for your request and please excuse the delay.

    This is a nice idea! I have passed it on to our development team for further discussion.

    Best regards,


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  • Julia Yaziji


    I will be marking this thread  "Done" per a recent improvement....

    ** Screen shot 2010-12-22 at 09.38.05.png  **Pro publishers can choose between  three different flavors of email notifications to share their paper: a simple alert sharing only the featured article, an email that includes the headlines, or the full first page of their paper.  In addition, for Pro papers, all three email notification types are fully customizable!  Add your own personalized message, customize the subject line, add a "from email alias" to replace and add your paper banner.  


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