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Customized Paper Sections



  • Maud Nerman

    Wd be very nice to be able to customize sections. The current sections are so broad and we need more specific ones.

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  • NACLC Bruce

    I agree. It would be a great if we could create our own sections to help guide niche readers to what interests them.

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  • Sports Injury Physio

    I don't understand how it decides what to filter under what. It is putting sports related articles under art and entertainment. I want only sports news, but if I do not have all the sections selected I lose half of my articles.

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  • Mentor Hive

    It most definitely would

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  • Cindy Lynn Sawyer

    This is a major frustration for me and will most likely determine whether or not I invest further. The sections my articles fall into do not make sense. So I either need to learn how to utilize them better, or create my own categories. 

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  • Mark Barnes

    I have to completely agree with this...  I would prefer the ability to select the content and create the sections as required based on the actual content, rather than having predefined sections, although that might be good as well.

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  • Bruce Judson

    essential for real quality.

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Dear Publishers:

    Just wanted to let you know that we are now giving Pro publishers the ability to customize or rename their default topics.  Find out more  here!

    Kind regards, 



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  • Be Found Online

    Thanks Julia... great news! I have already renamed the paper sections..... but its still a bit short of the full functionality that I and I'm sure others need. We need to be able to apply some sort of keyword filter to help align articles with the new custom sections as the classification of Art/Business/Technology/ETC is still not relevant to what we need from our papers.

    "Relabeling a paper section does not change how we classify your content on the backend, but does let you customize the default labels."

    Is there any way that we could apply a keyword filter for each of the sections? In our case that would be a very simple way to align the content with each of the different sections. Just renaming them doesn't do us any good cause the content alignment doesn't make sense.


    As an example, we have 2 paper sections now... one is for "Google Adwords" and the other for "Bing Ads". Somehow the built-in filters automatically assign an article "20 reasons to use BingAds" under the "Google Adwords" section. If we could have some suggested keyword filters for each of the sections then this would give us all the control we need.

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  • Julia Yaziji

    @Be Found Online


    Thanks for your feedback.  We realize that our classifying of articles into topics needs to be optimized and are working on ways to improve this.


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  • Be Found Online

    Hey Paper.Li .... any update on this? We've got all these customized paper sections now but the article organization is completely nonsensical because we can't apply filters to each paper section. Should be easy functionality to add which would make Paper.Li 100% more useful for us to aggregate and organize content specific to our industry.

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    Customer Sections or the ability to Group Articles would be a very useful feature and greatly enhance the UX of papers.

    We have a fairly broad audience and I would like to create paper sections / groups w/ HEADINGS ex:

    industry news

    fitness facilities & pros

    fitness apps

    fitness wearables

    product development & innovations



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