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How do I include or upload my blog articles as articles or features to be included in my daily P paper?



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    Julia Yaziji

    Hi Barry, focuses primarily on content curation so we don't have a way for your to publish your own content on your paper, unless you already have a blog.

    If you have a blog you should be able to add your published article using the bookmarklet or if your blog has an RSS feed, you can add it the feed to your sources directly.

    I hope this helps.

    kind regards,

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  • Edgewood Properties

    I haven't found a blog platform yet that allows content into Pretty interesting - it's my own blog posts and the platforms won't let me export them into Looking for suggestions for which blog platforms work with

    Thank you.

    Marc LeVine

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  • Delirium Comics


    Any blog platform will allow content into uses RSS feeds (and probably ATOM?) to add content to your paper.

    If you set your papers content settings under Content > Add Content Sources to use your feed URL it should work.

    I did some Googling and it seems your blog is on (A Blogger site)

    Your feed URL would then be one of the following

    Any of those should work, either of the first two being on your domain though may preferable. The differences being that the first is an ATOM feed, the second is RSS, and the third is the feed from Blogger (with is ATOM)

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  • Edgewood Properties

    Actually, the employment related blog posts I'd want to add are on LinkedIn. The only other blog and blog platform I have set up is: Can I draw from either of these to add content to

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Hi Edgewood properties,

    If you are trying to pull content that is on a linkedin URL, we will not be able to unfortunately as Linkedin does not allow us to pull the content.

    We should however be able to pull from the URL you mentioned: But when I checked, there was no recent content, which is why nothing is being included in your paper.

    I hope that helps?!

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