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Share headline article on Twitter posts

It would be very helpful if the automatic promotional Twitter posts could include the headline article, much the same way the LinkedIn promotional message allows

Justin Fisher

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Hi Justin,

Just wanted to let you know that as of this past Tuesday, we have updated our auto-tweets so that the headline article is included with an image.

I believe this satisfies your request so I will go ahead and move this to the Completed Requests forum. Let me know if you have any additional feedback.

Julia Yaziji

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Hi Julia, is this automatic? I can't find the option (or what the tweet will look like) under the Twitter section of the "Promotions & Emails" tab.

Justin Fisher 0 votes

Hi Justin, Yes it is automatic.

Twitter has turned on twitter cards as the default, which is a recent change. As a result, they are pulling in the headline article and title.

Whereas before we had always the main URL, we now include a link to the exact edition for that day so that the correct article image and title are being pulled in by twitter.

Julia Yaziji 0 votes