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  • Dorian Staten


    As you noted, the higher up sources get higher priority. We've actually set papers to work this way. That said, we realize that the higher up sources can sometimes flood papers, so we are currently working on adding the ability to set limits for each source, thereby allowing publishers to decide just how much content they want from each individual source. This should help greatly in ensuring papers provide a well-balanced paper with articles from a variety of sources.

    I'll still be happy to pass your suggestion along to our team. Thanks for the feedback!

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  • Tom Dibble Dempsey

    Thank you, Dorian. I have several papers and I do want the higher up sources to have priority - but a few of my papers are not that case, and it would be better to randomize the content on these. A limit would definitely help. Not sure if the paid version has more control and it is a reason I have hesitated to start paying - but may try one paper soon to test control on content display.


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  • Tom Dibble Dempsey

    Another option is keyword prioritization under Content Filtering...

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