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How do I add more sources?



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    Julia Yaziji


    Both Pro and Basic users have a limit of 25 sources. I tried to find your paper to see if I could suggest a way to consolidate your sources but I was not able to locate it using your email address.

    Are most of your sources twitter users? If so, I suggest creating a twitter list of the twitter users you wish to pull into your paper.

    Then add that one twitter list as a source to replace the individual twitter users.

    For more about twitter lists:

    If you need more help, I suggest you open a ticket.

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  • Garnish Music Production

    Hi There,

    Thanks for your reply. I am using many Twitter accounts and my paper is looking thin. Here's the URL:

    How can I make it more substantial and have more content?



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  • Garnish Music Production

    The other thing is that I want to include tweets from for example @djmag but want to exclude anything they say about their main sponsor and my main competitor @point_blank. I messed around with exclude these words, all of these words, some of these words etc but don't understand how that works so I'd appreciate any tips.


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  • CHOPIN | in the news

    Please explain HOW to "add that one twitter list as a source".

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  • Julia Yaziji

    @Fryderyk Sorry for the delay in our response. As a Pro user, I would encourage you to submit a request for a faster turn-around time.

    I checked your paper and noticed that you have successfully added your own twitter list.

    For others who may need help, please see the help article Add Content From Your Twitter Account

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