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Why is my newsletter not pointing to the right URL?



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    Julia Yaziji

    Hi there,

    The reason why your newsletters are going to the home page of your outside website is that outside website URL has been entered in the Auto promote Redirect field found in the Paper Settings Dashboard > Promotion & Emails. Under Website Embeds, you will see the option to grab the code for different widgets.

    The Auto-Promote redirect field is found under the Nomad and Iframe widgets and should be used when you have embedded one either the Nomad/iframe widget on your outside site. If you enter the URL of the embed (which would usually be a subdirectory of your main site), then all autopromotion on social networks and your newsletter link will go to the Nomad or iframe widget.

    In other words, the field is used to promote your main site, but only makes sense if you have used the nomad or iframe widget.

    Here's more info:

    I have removed the URL from this field so your newsletters will no longer go to your outside site. Should you decide to embed the Nomad widget or iframe your paper on your main site, then this field will be useful for you. You can always contact support using the Pro support email found on the bottom of invoices mailed to you, and we can help further.

    The link to find out how to embed one of our widgets or iframe onto your site:

    Hope this helps!

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  • Rainer Heumann

    Our Request has not been completed, despite 72 hours of max. release. This applies to the following: HTTP-Weiterleitung HTTP-Weiterleitung HTTP-Weiterleitung

    Diese Subdomain verweist nicht auf Bitte ändern Sie den CNAME zu:
    Hinweis: Die Aktualisierung der URL kann bis zu 72 Stunden dauern.
    Bitte kehren Sie nach 72 Stunden zu Ihren Zeitungseinstellungen zurück und klicken Sie "Speichern."
    Ihren Domain Name Server müssen Sie nicht aktualisieren.

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  • Julia Yaziji

    Hi Rainer,

    WHen I query your URLs I don't see that the correct record has been created in your DNS Settings. Can I ask that you "submit a request" by signing into the help center and then selecting the submit a request link? We'll be happy to help you.


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