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  • Official comment
    Julia Yaziji

    Thank you for your feedback on the "other suggested papers" section. Your feedback was brought to the product manager to get his response.

    His position is that the "other suggested papers" found only on free papers is similar to an ad section. Because the revenue gained by regular ads found on free papers does not cover our costs of providing a free service, the "other suggested papers" is designed to bring traffic and more visibiity to our paying Pro users.

    That said, we agree it is absolutely not okay to show erotic content. We are looking into this and will be deploying a fix in the next week to ensure this does not occur again.

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  • Robin Sampson

    If I cannot turn this off I want to unsubscribe.

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  • The Editor

    It is quite frustrating Robin, to spend hours tuning the sources of one's paper, to create editions with persuasive stories, and fair reporting of empirical facts, to then have placed in a prominent position, links and advertisements to, so called, "Other interesting papers", which are taking the opposite view, and filled with propaganda, innuendo, and dis-information.

    This is because the so called, Algorithm which does these insertions, is totally unable to comprehend the stance or view, which a Paper's editor may take on any particular subject. Instead the system's algorithm merely looks at the subject matter, and pulls out apparently random other Papers, with zero context to the ethos of an author's particular attitude to the subject matter.

    This is extremely annoying, and if a Paper's editor cannot control these random contrary insertions, then it must be disabled entirely.

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  • Leading Hearts

    Please help! I do NOT want erotica papers mentioned in this section. My audience will not follow my new paper if this continues.

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  • Permaculture

    I need to control the options available for "Other Interesting papers" as those being shown are irrelevant and / or offensive.
    I agree with the answer below about having spent much time tuning the sources of one's own paper and then having the opposite view showing in other interesting papers.

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  • Julia Yaziji

    I'm VERY happy to report that because of your feedback, we are removing the "other suggested papers" suggestion!!! Change should be made within a week.

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  • The Editor

    Well done Julia, and I have now been able to at last remove my embarrassing explanation for those contrary suggested papers on my Editors Comments section, which was in itself becoming a distraction. Many thanks for that !

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